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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  October 1, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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rescue opera you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news this morning. >> 20 hours into the search for two fisherman lost at sea. the rescue operation off the san mateo county coast. >> pushing out plastic. what it will cost you if you don't bring your own bag. >> skies mostly clear. looking at the hottest day of the week. how hot it will get coming up. >> looks great so far in this back to work monday morning. we are seeing slow downs now over east bay freeways. show you what they are coming up.
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>> this is monday the 1st of october. >> time now is 6:01. the coast guard is leading the search for two missing fisherman. >> thrown from a fishing boat that capsized just south of -- the very latest now on that story. >> good morning. that search continues. the coast guard has a boat out on the water right now. searching throughout the night in the darkness and getting ready to send out an airplane to do an arial search. here's live video getting ready to take off. they also had aircrafts out yesterday during the day light hours to find these fisherman missing for 20 hours now. they first went missing at around 10:30 yesterday morning when the boat was hit by a large wave. this happened near pigeon point. four people were on board and
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out for a fishing trip. motored out from the san francisco area. and around 10:30 when that wave hit. two were able to make it to shore. >> the problem was a delay in the search. happened at 10:00 but one of the subjects self rescued and able to crawl up to this farm house we're at and call 911. there was about an hour delay. >> the fishing boat drifted to shore but so far no clothing or tools or any other signs of the people who went over board. at this point, the search is on. it's been about 20 hours now those two have been lost at sea. and the coast guard will beef up their search efforts once the sun comes out. we did sea that aircraft getting ready to return to the scene to do more arial searchers. cbs 5. >> thanks. 84-year-old woman is under arrest. police say she
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was driving the car that hit a man crossing the street near the uc berkeley campus. a man in his 20s in critical condition. alcohol may have been a factor in that crash. >> the heat may have been a factor in the death of an elderly woman. >> cate is in concord where temperatures could hit triple digits today. >> reporter: there will be an investigation to that woman's death. this is a reminder that elderly and children are most prone to heat illness in these hot temperatures we've been seeing here. today, we want to make note, it is a spare the air day. it's a third day in a row and because of that it's a spare the air day. air quality is poor and residents want to take advantage of public transit and bike to work. those with breathing problems might want to take it easy. poor air quality
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could trigger asthma and other respiratory problems. one of them, stay hydrated. swap out the drinks for water. stay in doors in air conditioned locations. if you do need to cool off, take a cold shower. as you pick out that outfit, stick to light weight clothes. because of these hot temperatures, will be offering cooling centers. cbs 5. >> we thank you. >> those are pretty good tips. we need them on days like today. >> good day for ice cream. maybe a dip down at the beach. looks like it is going to be a scotcher. this is the -- scorcher. outside right now skies are clear. a little hazy in spots. temperatures are running mild this morning. 62 in oakland. 62 in livermore. by the afternoon, these numbers again going to soar into the
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triple digits. well above average for this time of year. about 99 in concord. and 86 degrees in the city of san francisco. more on your weather coming up. let's check out the roads with elizabeth. >> we have a pretty average commute shaping up right now. we're starting to see quite a bit of break lights. westbound 580 coming through the pass in livermore. all the way out towards the dublin inter change. we can show you what it looks like. things are moving but those speeds are below 40 miles per hour in a lot of spots. westbound highway 4, a lot of slow traffic here. under 25 minutes per hour as you pass a street. and we start to see some improvement. spare the air day, may have just mentioned this. you are encouraged to use
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mass transit and everything's been on time this morning. here's another good reason to use mass transit, let's get a check of the bay bridge. no metering lights but should be turned on here within the next five to ten minutes. the delays are growing in the cash lanes. the middle lanes are fast track lanes and everything looks good. that is traffic, back to you guys >> i'll take it. thanks. 6:06 now. three people are recovering after a drive by shooting. officers are still looking for the gunman this morning. the victims were found yesterday on southbound 101 in san car loss. the investigation tied up traffic for hours there. seen a car swerving before it veered off the highway. someone in another car shot multiple times that eventually crashed. two men and a woman were injured. taken to the hospital. at least one of them was hit by gunfire. >> this morning a trial is
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scheduled to start for a woman accused of killing a nursing student. charged with murdering 26-year-old michelle lei over a boyfriend. disappeared from kaiser medical center last year. her body was found four months later. today the sus september in a mass shoot being in oakland will be back in court. juan goh is accused of killing 7 people in april. goh has pleaded not guilty. if convicted he could get the death penalty. >> san francisco plastic bag ban begins today. bring their own bags or pay for one. retailers now, book stores as well and clothing stores. unless customers have a reuseable bag, charged now 10 cents. next year at this time restaurants will be added to that list.
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other bay area headlines. sales tax are higher today. up by one-half of one percent. new tax rate in hercules 8.75%. all the increases were passed by the voters. a little easier now to find a seat on cal train. more trains are being added to meet demand. also revive four discontinued trains. the agency says rider ship hit a new time high and matt will have a live report on this story coming up at 6:35. >> checking your world now, 14 people are dead from a suicide attack in afghanistan. the taliban is claiming responsibility for the attack on a patrol of afghan and international forces. three americans and translator are among the dead. yesterday, a
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u.s. soldier and american contractor were killed in inside era tack. 25 of the killings came in car bombings and shootings. in eastern iraq a car bomber killed five policeman. the attacks are as a display of force. >> a new poll shows president obama in the lead now. shows mr. obama with 51% support compared to 44% for mitt romney. the president is now in one of those states right now as he prepares for the first debate. two men will face off in denver on wednesday night. president obama holding a rally in las vegas last night speaking to 11,000 people there. and senator john kerry is playing the poll. and rob port man is
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acting as romney. >> both are excellent in their own way. you could argue that mitt has had a lot more recent experience. >> the president has a day job. the president has been president and not had the time to practice. all we hear about is how much mitt romney is practicing, practicing, trafficking. >> we'll see how it goes. debate is on wednesday. focus on domestic policy. romney is speaking about foreign matters. he says today that the president has shown weakness. >> the supreme court is set to tackle big cases today. the court will take on issues relating to same sex marriage and privacy issues. 6 of the 9 justices. it's the traditional mass held the day before the start of a new session.
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time now is 6:10. from the blue angels to the america's cup. the big event that could create a traffic nightmare for bay area drivers this week. >> the political and personal secrets of this man, arnold schwarzenegger. his revealing interview last night on 60 minutes. >> should have been one of the best days of their lives. the couple's heart break after $10,000 worth of wedding gifts were stolen. ,,,,
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vo: for years, sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools. today, we're forty-seventh out of fifty in per-pupil funding. now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to sacramento, they'll cut education again. here's a new approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number.
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oakland and the oakland colm have apo a noisy night in the east bay. city of oakland and coliseum have apologized following a late night rave
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event on saturday. east bay residents from oakland, alameda flooded local police departments with complaints over the beyond wonderland event. the police department received so many calls they told them to call oakland dispatch. lasted until 2:00 a.m. a key traffic artery is back open in southern california. construction on interstate 405 finished hours ahead of schedule last night. this is a live look at the highway there. the main project of the bridge went smoothly. >> you might think it's carmageddon around san francisco this week. >> add to transportation problems the next couple days
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expect delays starting tomorrow. >> extra people along the water front. and golden gate park will be crowded for bluegrass. throw in ace playoff game. the 49ers and bills. going to be busy. >> maybe stay out of the car. >> i've been talking about this. i know sense this past weekend, how are you going to get out of the city. a lot going on. it is going to be extra busy. use mass transit. today is a good day to use mass transit. it is spare the air day. we're showing you our live look. this is our mobile camera. put a camera on the bus. things are still flowing nicely on that upper neck. i watched -- upper deck. i watched them go all the way
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across. the metering lights should be turned on now. east shore freeway. there is a live look approaching ashby. everything still pretty quiet. 18 minute drive time across that stretch. if you are coming from the bridge heading down towards the maze. near that 880/237 inter change. and everything is free and clear. no delay heading out toward san jose. golden gate bridge commuters. we haven't seen any major issues. there's a drive time for you. it is 13 minutes in the clear. toll plaza, south bay looks good so far. if you are traveling through downtown san jose. this stall was involving a truck is now gone. southbound highway 17. both directions looking pretty good
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up. that is your time safer traffic. more on the roadways, trying to squeeze in triple digit numbers. >> and those roadways are heating up outside. we've got the temperatures soaring thought the day. skies are mostly clear out there now. and boy, it is going to stay that way all day long. we've got sunshine and hot temperatures. probably the hottest week. it is spare the air day. crank things up another day here and begin to see changes. doesn't look like much but slowly creeping toward the bay area over the next few days. help to ramp up the low crowd and the fog. today hot around here. 102 in reading. 80 -- redding. 100 in sacramento. temperatures soaring. 93 in san jose. 75 in half bloom basement not going to
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see many days like that. triple digits inland. and inside the bay, temperatures 86 in oakland. 86 in san francisco. next couple days start to cool down a little bit. more cooling into wednesday and thursday and by next weekend, partly cloudy skies. much cooler temperatures. back to you. >> thank you. time now is 6:19. former governor arnold schwarzenegger is opening up about the highs and lows of his life ahead of the release of his autobiography. he admits in his book and on 60 minutes he had an affair with a co star in the 1985 film red sonia. he admitted to an affair with his former housekeeper. and he sus septembered he was the father of the son when the boy was 7 or 8. >> just appeared to me that he started looking like me. that's when i kind of got it that it
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was never discussed. i put things together here. >> he says his wife maria confronted him about the child during a counseling session. she filed for divorce last year. >> someone stole $10,000 from wedding gifts in pennsylvania. >> the bride and groom are offering a reward after finding cars and gifts in and around a nearby pond. they were sleeping 20 yards from the guest on a 25 acre property. >> somebody had come and taken all of the wedding gifts. every last card was gone. the boxes, the gift bags. >> we had to call every family member and friend and ask them what did you give? it was embarrassing. >> and can you give again? >> i don't know. the couple believes whoever stole the presents had a lot of help. took a while to get all those
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gifts away. >> that's too bad. >> bummer to start your wedding that way. first playoff birth in 6 years. they could do it tonight if all goes well. >> the 49ers give the jets a taste of their own medicine coming up after the break.
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lost to minnesota. a little football now. the 49ers went to the big apple hoping to rebound from last week's loss from minnesota. >> and it worked. no match for the niners. they were crushed and stopped. even did a little quarterback switching of their own. runs in first ever nfl touchdown. niners get an easy
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win on the road in new york in a blowout 34-0. how about the raiders? >> a little upset about this this morning. the raiders getting crushed by denver in mile high of course. peyton manning was his old self as he carved up oakland and quickly scored. the laiders held their own going into the half down by 4. in the second half, put it all together and big time final score 37-6. >> in baseball, giants and san san wrapping up over the weekend. it was not good. had a second shaky start for the champs. the giants rallied back. the manager said will be in the playoff rotation. he's pitched pretty well. >> oakland looking for a sweep of the mariners. possible shot at the division title. go ahead
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shot to put the a's on top. red i can came in and hit -- reddick came in and hit a homer. magic number is 1. if they sweep the rangers and 3, their champs will have to play the wild card game. chipper jones turns in last regular season game. can still bring it. both times from his knees. he gets the outs and a bear handed slow roller gets the guy second. fans chanted thank you chipper for the all star who is retiring at the age of 40. he can still bring it. atlanta is already in the playoffs. so he's not done yet. coming up, new swing state polls out this morning. potential impact as the first presidential debates get ready for wednesday night. >> call it the cost of convenience. the new ban going into affect today for one bay
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area city. >> and we're continuing to follow the search of two people lost at sea after their boat capsized. the update on search and rescue efforts coming up. ,, [ male announcer ] jay likes it when his mobile phone helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank.
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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news this morning. >> good morning, everyone. it's monday first day of october. >> time now is 6:30. this morning the search continues for two fisherman along the san mateo coast. >> aboard a fishing boat that capsized over the weekend. alisa with an update.
6:31 am
good morning. >> reporter: those people have been out in the water for about 20 hours now after their boat capsized about 10:30 yesterday morning. had their boat on the water searching overnight and gearing up to do an arial search. a c 130 is preparing to take off for the coast where the boaters were thrown from their vessel. this started as a fishing trip yesterday morning. four people took off from san francisco and ended up about a mile from pigeon point. around 10:30 that a large wave hit. >> they were hit by a 15 foot rogue wave that caught them by surprise. knocked all four subjects into the water. once in the water, started getting pounded by additional waves. and two actually made it to shore. and two are still outstanding. >> the two who made it to shore were wearing life jackets. the two missing were not.
6:32 am
the coast guard had out boats and a helicopter. now that it's nearly sunrise, search and rescue teams will be back out in full force. no names have been released and no word on the condition of the two who made it to shore. we will be seeing a lot more search and rescue teams out here. cbs 5. >> thanks. it may be a drunk driving case. a car hit a man in a crosswalk last night. an 84-year-old driver was arrested.. >> hot weather may have played a roll. >> temperatures could reach triple digits out there today. >> that's right, michelle. there will be an investigation into that woman's death. with these hot or triple digit heat
6:33 am
on our way, the elderly and children are most vulnerable to heat illness. because of that heat, it is the spare the air day. that means that air quality is poor and residents might want to find other ways to get to work. public transportation, biking or carpooling. the poor air quality could trigger asthma and other respiratory problems. we have tips from the cbc on how to stay cool. stay hydrated. swap out alcoholic drink s and sugary drinks for water. be in air conditioned locations. if you want to cool off, take a cold shower. if you are picking out that outfit, stick to some light weight clothing. if you are going to be outdoors, get that morning joshgs the best time is in the evening hours or the morning when it's cooler. you want to stay tuned for the rest of cbs 5 to get your news fix.
6:34 am
we are live in concord, cbs 5. >> thank you. >> it is going to be hot today and i guess a beach day probably the best one in many weeks. >> yeah. maybe better that was than what was thought during summertime. here we are in fall and we are heating things up again. nice clear skies out over the bay. beautiful shot for you this morning. the sun shortly to come up. mostly clear skies right now. that means we're in for a hot one. temperatures right now very mild, 62 in liver more. and 58 in san francisco. by the afternoon, well above the average for this time of year. 70s and 80s. as much as 21 degrees above the average. and 99 the expected high in conforward and 86 right in san francisco. when will we cool things down? we'll talk about that coming up. >> traffic cameras are blowing
6:35 am
this morning. so gorgeous with the sunrise. the sunrise is gorgeous. the metering lights have been turned on now. it is already backing up beyond that. first over crossing you see there in the distance. good 10 minute wait at least. we're following a couple other accidents, westbound 580. there's an accident reported that's blocking the right lane. this is what it's doing to the drive time. nearly a half hour right now. and just a quick note, southbound at 880 we also have an accident. it's pretty slow right now heading towards the san mateo bridge. that's a check of your traffic. back to you guys >> this morning a search is on for a gun man in a freeway shooting. southbound highway 101 in san carlos after the victim's car crashed. it was a red dodge charger that had been
6:36 am
riddled with bullets before it crashed. two men and a woman were injured. one of them were hit by the gunfire. the city of oakland and the coliseum apologized for a late night rave event. east bay residents flooded local police departments with a number of complaints with the beyond wonderland event. received so many calls, they told residents to call oakland's dispatch. lasted until 2:00 in the morning and drew tens of thousands of people. >> today a trial gets underway for a woman accused of killing a nursing student. charged with murdering 26-year-old michelle lei in a dispute over a boyfriend. disappeared in may of last year. her body was found four months later in a remote area. today the sus september in a mass shooting will be back in
6:37 am
court. goh will appear in a pretrial hearing. accused of killing 7 people. he has pleaded not guilty. >> 6:37 now. san francisco's plastic bag ban expands. no longer just the grocery stores. added to the list will be retailers, book stores, clothing stores as well. unless customers have a reuseable bag, they will be charged 10 cents. next year at this time restaurants will be added to that list. >> easier now get around using cal train today. matt is down in san jose with details on the new expanded service. >> reporter: good morning. we have seen ca l train rider ship increase over the past year or so. it's getting so crowded, it's standing room only on some of the trains during peak commute hours. the good news is
6:38 am
cal train is adding 6 trains starting today. two of them are brand new. and four of them are being restored from previous cut backs. if you want to take transit today because you do it regularly, it should be even easier starting on october 1st. the new trains are being called shoulder trains. because they run on the edges of the regular morning and afternoon commutes. and another transit related story, ace trace, the commuter express and vta are also adding service today, both rail service and bus service. all three agencies have reported an increase in passengers. that's the late echlt back to you. >> thanks, matt. >> opened up a larger lead in swing states. mr. obama with
6:39 am
51% support compared to 44% for mitt romney. the president is in one of those states as he prepares for the first debate. the two men will face off in denver on wednesday. president obama held a rally speaking to 11,000 people at a high school. john kerry is playing the role. supporters say both men are ready. >> i think both are excellent in their own way. you could argue that mitt has had a lot more recent experience.. >> the president has a day job and has not had time to prachlt all we hear about mitt romney is practicing, practicing, practicing. >> the debate will focus on domestic policy. also speaking about foreign matters. the president has shown weakness in the middle east. melissa will give her
6:40 am
insider perspective on what it's like to be a moderator in just a few minutes. she's had a lot of experience. >> she's right over there ready to chitchat in a couple minutes. do you buy lottery tickets? >> no. not very much. >> there's two tickets out there worth $14 million a piece and bought in northern california. we'll tell you about those. >> i should start buying them. justin bieber gives fans more than they bargained for. >> and the market opened a few minutes ago. quick check of the early numbers. the futures were good and the market good as well. update those numbers and find out what's going on in the business world when we come back.
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the first presidential debate is a couple days away now and could be a game changer for the candidates. melissa griffin has been a moderator before and you have unique take on kind of pressure that goes along with being the moderator. if you do a good job, they don't say anything about you. if you do a bad job, you are in trouble. and jim layer is the man. >> that's right. going to be moderating his very first debate for both candidates. regarded as the king of moderators. said he doesn't even vote. he is committed to being impartial. and both candidate vz to agree and he seems to be one of the few. >> you've moderated debates before. some for the mayoral race. sometimes you have to reel in people but not be biased. how difficult is that? >> it's an extraordinarily
6:45 am
difficult position. you really are the ambassador for the audience. you have to channel their hopes and fears and get those candidates to address what the audience is thinking and deal with them. you have to stay out of it. you can't make it about you. you can't ask follow up questions. you can't say that was totally crazy. you have to let them duke it out. at the same time you have to maintain control. in a debate it's going to be difficult. he has two alpha males. mitt romney and barack obama trying to stay out of it. really fade to the back as much as possible but keep control over two men who have very little regard for time constraints and each other's speaking times is going to be difficult. >> let's talk about that. romney had a lot of debates going into this with the candidates that were trying to get nominated.
6:46 am
and president obama likes to interrupt. romney is rigid and stays on track. how do these two face off without ticking each other off i guess? >> i don't think they do. i think we see sparks fly. when he was getting interrupted by them. again, president obama interrupted john mccain routinely back in 2008. so we really have a recipe for some snujing back and forth. i don't know jim is going to be able to prevent that. it is a bigger deal for romney because he's behind in the polls and had that gaff a couple weeks ago. come off looking good or fall further in the pack >> that seems to be the general consensus. obama seems to be able to stay on the path, he should be fine. mitt romney needs the game change to happen.
6:47 am
and campaign is building this up. they are the ones who are saying we're going to reboot. first it was the conventions, then the vice presidential pick. if he's not able to come out and he's done five full debate preps at this point. >> yeah. he may be too ready. >> yeah. he definitely this is his big chance and people understand that. >> good theater and you'll be watching right here on cbs 5 on wednesday night in denver. >> i'll be there. >> thanks so much. you can find more of melissa's segments on >> plenty of complaints on the iphone but are they hurting sales? good morning, jason. >> good morning. we've gotten an apology from apple's ceo. there have been worries that issues regarding that and other
6:48 am
supply issues were hurting sales. a noted apple follower says he checked with 20 different apple stores and only four had any iphone five demand. the concerns have been over blown. >> closed about $700 the week before. but last week lost $33 over that period of time. checking out the stock this morning, up over a half percent. the u.s. economy is up this morning. lately from the feds various regions around the country we've seen a lot of weakness. and that's been a worry some sign. could affect employment. we get the september job's employment this friday. a lot of focus as we kick off fourth quarter. dow finished 4% higher.
6:49 am
s&p 6% higher. the s&p is up by 8 points. back to you. >> thanks, jason. and now, for a look at what's coming up later on cbs this morning. >> we're going to talk to charlie rose who my guess has a little case of rider cup blues on this monday. good morning, charlie. >> reporter: indeed. extraordinary the spirit of the rider cup and the collapse of the americans. a huge disappointment. for me and golf fans got something very special and good to see. ahead also on cbs this morning, lara rides along in afghanistan. what she learned about al-qaida. new revelations from arnold schwarzenegger that you didn't see last night. how he hopes fob forgiven of the affair. and
6:50 am
why he wanted to rewrite his famous line i'll be back. all that and more when we see you at 7:00. >> 60 minutes was really unbelievable tv last night. we thank you. we will be tuned in. >> thanks. >> let's get another check on weather. it's hot. >> yes, we're going to be cranking up the temperatures. high pressure hanging around. today those temperatures going to be soaring hotter. out there right now mostly clear skies. looks like throughout the day today, the temperatures really going to soar especially in spots inland. even along the coastline, you'll see 70s out towards the water's edge. try and ride with somebody else to keep the pollutants down just a little bit. probably the peak of the heat as the ridge should begin to weaken starting as early as tomorrow. may begin to see low cloud ands fog creep
6:51 am
in. sfo looking good. nice sunny end. traveling around the country doesn't look too bad. 70 in new york. temperature wise, it's going to be hot. in the south bay 95 in morgan hill. 78 in pacifica. triple digits in many spots and those temperatures in the central bay mid 80s. and 90 in santa rosa. next couple days, those temperatures will start to cool down a little bit. more cooling come wednesday and thursday. partly cloudy next weekend. >> certainly stacking up behind the pay gates. getting word of an accident coming off the bridge on the fremont street exit. suv ran into the center divide. may cause extra traffic delays into san francisco right now. the metering lights were turned on before 6:30. and we
6:52 am
also have ac transit mobile cam. looks like they are heading through the maze heading towards the east shore freeway. and everything looks good against the commute. but westbound 80 starting to get busy through livermore or richmond and into berkley. this is livermore. this is an accident we've been watching approaching north livermore avenue. this is what it's doing to the drive times. it's fearly 40 minutes now. very stop and go all the way out towards the dublin inter change. very heavy traffic as well towards the san mateo bridge on southbound 880. we have an accident and let's check live drive time sensor. about 25 miles per hour. really give yourselves extra time. if you are heading towards highway 92 in hayward. traffic and weather together every ten minutes. >> we thank you. the latest person to fall
6:53 am
to bieber fever, mr. bieber himself. >> you know that song right? >> it's on my i pod. >> love it. got off to a bad start saturday night. ended up vomiting on stage not once but twice. we're not going to show you the video but it is all over the internet in case you are interested. he did tweet the followers, milk, a bad choice. >> doesn't do a body good. it is 6:53 now . check your lotto tickets. two bay area people have a $14 million ticket sitting in their hot little hands. tell you about it coming up. >> the painful consequences when a deer slams into a skate boarder. >> that's going to leave a mark. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:54 am
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we don't call this our company, we call this our mission. green toys teaches children that if i have a milk jug and i stick it in the recycling bin it can turn into something new. chase allows us to buy capital equipment to be able to manufacture in the states to the scale we need to be a global company. with a little luck green toys could be the next great american brand. find what's next for your business
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he really wants to hear those three little words: chevron with techron. care for your car. hot. >> thanks. >> that's all you need. >> that's about all that needs to be said too. >> outside today, high pressure sitting overhead. that's going to send the temperatures soaring in #50z and 60 -- 50s and 60s by the afternoon. 102 in liver more. 100 in fairfield and 86 in san francisco. temperatures cooling slightly tomorrow. back to normal. partly cloudy. >> let's start towards the bay bridge. we've learned they did clear that accident coming off of the bridge. metering lights more slowly. stacking up through the maze. very heavy traffic heading into the city. also, if you are commuting in
6:58 am
the southbound northbound 101, couple different fender benders. it's actually really backed up. 280 looks good heading through downtown. >> we thank you for that. >> and the coast guard is ready to send a plane to the san mateo county coast after two fisherman are still missing. >> more researchers will be in the area after the sun comes up. the 23 foot fishing boat headed out from san francisco. it was about 10:30 when the boat got hit. coast guard used aircraft and crews to rer sach. they were not wearing their life jackets. someone who bought a lottery ticket is about to become a multi millionaire. >> the super lotto plus ticket is worth $14 million. purchased at ocean street market. split the jacket with another player.
6:59 am
the businesses that sold the tickets will get $70,000 each. good luck. >> can't win unless you play. forget rough pavement and pot holes, skate boarders should be weary of deer. >> this is from downhill race over the weekend. shows a group racing down a hill when a deer tries to run through a gap and colliding into one of the competitors. both skate boarder and dear are okay. >> and they are going like 30 miles an hour down that hill. >> he got off the pavement and did a couple tumbles. >> just a few marks. >> thanks for watching eyewitness news this morning. next local update is 7:25. >> cbs this morning is coming up next with charlie and the gang. have a great day, everyby.


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